Cancellation or Return of Goods Order

(a) Standard  products  -  a  charge  of  25%  of  the  nett  invoice  value  will  be  made  to  cover  the  Company's administration and other costs.
(b) Non-standard and special products - once manufacture has commenced, cancellation of items made to a purchasers  specific  requirements  will  involve,  in  addition  to  the  cancellation  charge  (referred  to  in paragraph a) all manufacturing and other costs incurred by the Company up to the time of cancellation.
(c) Once  goods  have  been  delivered  they  are  not  in  any  circumstances  returnable  without  the  Company's agreement in writing.
Our products are tested and certified to meet applicable standards. Not all products are covered by the same standards.
Products maunfactured outside the EU may have been tested to local standards which may meet or exceed EU standards.
Acorn Powell Limited is registered in England & Wales no. 3094490. The registered address is as shown above. VAT registration no: (GB) 656 121 55
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